Thursday, June 26, 2008

Derringer’s Notes

Points to think about:

* Think about your skating form
* Get lower on corners
* Push with both feet on crossovers
* Use optimal skate path when possible
* Smaller arm swings
* Focus on what your body is doing
* Important to remember to look behind more
* More communicating needed between players
* Protect your jammer from your opposing blockers especially B3
* Diagonal working relationship with team members
* At times you may have to leave your blocking position for walls etc
* Skater behind generally communicates to the skater(s) ahead
* Skater behind is responsible for opposite diagonal position
* Work on Fast Starts
* Work on Blocking

* Remember you have to play Offence & Defence at the same time
* Trying to keep on the inside line & clearing it at the same time
* If your Jammer coming through the pack, block opposing team & clear her path
* If their Jammer is approaching, block, defend & build walls
* Can connect with your players on offensive attack but not defensive

* It’s your responsibility to mark your opposing Blocker
* Defend your position & do not expect team mates to always handle opposing blockers on their own.

Players positions & role

* Pivots are last line of defence. Good defence & agility
* Should always be behind your Pivot
* B1 is Pivots right hand man
* B2 is the anchor position. Good for New team players
* B1 & B2 work together diagonally, builds walls with B1 & B3
* B2 is responsible to communicate to B1 that Jammer is coming
* B2 tells B1 to build wall.
* If B2 has inside of track B3 is responsible for defending outside
* During Defensive mode B2 should stay in the middle of the track if possible
* Build a cage around your Jammer & skate her through the pack
* B3 is the first line of defence. Good agility for frontal blocking
* Your objective is to protect & assist your Jammer at all times
* Blaze a trail for Jammer, having B3 out in front
* Can also be done in reverse block opposing blocker from attacking your Jammer
* Pivot & B2 try to keep inside line
* B1 & B3 are therefore responsible for outside line. (These positions may swap sides)
* Whip & push your blockers, you may need their help in the front of the pack
* Jammers rarely look behind, once she’s past, skate hard & block from another side
* Jammers preference whether they go into the pack first

* Jammer usually becomes B2 on the next Jam

* Inside line will be defined by the first skater there, it will therefore be different each Jam
* Once the whistle starts the jam, you DO NOT have to retain these positions
* Hold a defensive formation, block their Jammer, defend yours, control the pack
* Optimal Skate path does not always hug inside track
* Optimal knock out position block from inside just before the corner.


* A stronger Blocker is a good option for Pivot
* Pace setter
* Good defence
* Generally at the front of the pack
* Good at constantly looking back & keeping on eye on what occurring
* Communicates with B1
* Wants to hold inside line but can swap positions with B1
* Works with B1 in a diagonally relationship for coverage of the front
* Generally doesn’t chase Jammer

Blocker 1

* Communicate together with Pivot
* Works with Pivot in diagonal relationship at the front of the pack
* Should control the front of the pack & be where the Pivot isn’t
* Can chase Jammer past Pivot
* Build walls with B2

Blocker 2

* Anchor of the pack
* Good position for new player
* Communicates with B1
* Responsible for telling B1 that a wall could be made
* Works with her Jammer in diagonal relationship at the front of the pack
* Should control the front of the pack where the Pivot isn’t

Blocker 3

* First line of defence, strong defence & good frontal blocker
* Starts off slower than pack & picks up speed to match Jammer
* Frontal blocking of opposing Jammer
* Short period of blocking
* Communicate to B2 to build wall
* B3 is able to skate & block from side
* Good opportunity to watch Jammer. Has time to evaluate intentions & plan ambush
* Can assist Jammer by skating directly behind her, place hand on small of her back & skate together
*NB she must be able to skate away

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