Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Book review #1 'Roller derby : the history and all-girl revival of the greatest sport on wheels' by Catherine Mabe

This book has everything. It covers Derby's 70-year history and revival in Austin, Texas in 2000, with lots of pics of rad-looking teams, cool skaters and old bout fliers. It explains the rules, more or less, and skater positions and stuff like that, but could use a bit about strategies too. Something for the fans.

"Scores of women are leading double lives. By day, they are librarians, financial analysts, bartenders, teachers, and mothers; by night their athletic alter egos assume their authority with monikers such as Hellen Wheels, Dirty Britches, Anna Mosity, and Assaultin' Pepa. They lace up their skates, slide into racy uniforms, and adorn a full set of protective gear. One of America's greatest sports is back - roller derby."

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