Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Music video - Don't let it get you down - Miriam Clancy

Well, I might as well post this vid too, since this week it's all about me and my fame. I'm in there somewhere, roller skating around. This was shot last year with some of the Pirate City Rollers at Skateland. It's not really a roller disco kind of song, but I love a bit of gratuitous skating anyway.


Anonymous said...

BONNE FIRE! I didn't know you had a blog! Great, another way for me to procrastinate in the future. Strangely enough, I only happened upon this because I have a Yahoo! alert set up for PCR, and just got an e-mail linking to your site.

Nice job. Really hope you're doing well! You are definitely the coolest librarian I know under 50. (The senior title goes to my mom, of course.)

Love from
ScARs & Stripes

loulou blag said...

50 million blogs in the world and you found this one! How on earth did you get a link here?? On the PCR site? I have no idea how that happened but it's pretty cool. Aah, the magical internets. I was actually thinking about you today cos I was doing some nerdy research at Auckland archives. Crazy eh!

This blog is a bit half-assed at the mo, very early days. But feel free to procrastinate here, that's exactly what I'm doing!